As the Internet continues to swirl with rumors about Halle Bailey‘s potential pregnancy, the singer was too busy to pay them mind, instead living it up at the Glamour Women of the Year event held on October 17 across the pond in London. To receive her 2023 Gen-Z Game-Changer Award, she stepped out in a stunning strapless dress and a high ponytail with the daintiest swooped baby hairs

Bailey has often experimented with different hairstyles on her locs — including at the Met Gala when she had a straightened and curled bob that we still can’t figure out how she created — but this hairstyle, created by her go-to hairstylist Tinisha Meeks, was one of the simpler ones. Meeks gathered her locs into a high ponytail and wrapped a few pieces around the base of the ponytail. 

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Styling baby hairs is truly an art that requires a gel or another holding product plus an edge brush, comb, or tool to mold them to your liking. Cassell brushed the edges around her temples into two swoops on each side. Right in the middle of Bailey’s hairline, she groomed the baby hairs into two loops that face each other like parentheses. 

Like her hair, Bailey’s makeup was also on the simpler side. Despite the simplicity, her go-to makeup artist Christiana Cassell made sure her face looked snatched. Cassell drew a thin, sharp wing on her eyelids and coated her lips with a true red lipstick with a satiny finish. She also buffed some shimmery highlighter onto the singer’s nose for some added glow. 

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