My first guess was that Meeks tied down her locs and then crocheted in straight extensions that were then styled. My other guess is that Halle’s locs were partially combed out, and then her own hair was curled into a voluminous bob. But truthfully, I have no clue. 

Hairstylist Tinisha Meeks, who is also the head hairstylist for Grown-ish, was the mastermind behind this look, and I have nothing but praise and utter awe for her. Her hands are truly blessed. Trust and believe that I zoomed in several times to examine Halle’s hair closely — at one point, I even brought my laptop right up to my eyeballs, trying my hardest to see where her locs ended and her straight hair began. 

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I am still truly lost for words at this hair, and only even more excited to see what she or her sister Chloe have in store for us in the hair department going forward. However, my edges are not prepared to be snatched. 

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