The Little Mermaid officially debuts on May 26, so until then, Halle Bailey will continue to grace us with her gorgeous loc hairstyles during her press tour. We have seen her with reddish locs so long that Disney should probably consider her for the role of Rapunzel and a high loc ponytail full of texture, volume, and curls (though it wasn’t technically a press tour look, we also have to give a shoutout to her Met Gala hair, which somehow incorporated locs and straight hair into the same style). Now, we’re busy admiring an ornate headpiece she wore that reminds us of a certain shelled sea creature. 

Our live-action Ariel wore the extravagant hair accessory to the London premiere of the Disney film on May 15. The bedazzled headpiece was the main character of her whole look. The supporting act, her auburn locs, were left largely unstyled, simply cascading behind her with the curly ends stopping well below her waist. You can see the reddish color of her hair the most at the ends. Though most of her hairline is covered, you can see the slightest swoop of her baby hairs at the center of her head. 

The flashy hair accessory almost looked like the opened shell of a scallop placed on her head. Her gorgeous white gown had similar bedazzled embellishments as the headpiece, and the cups of her dress specifically also resembled seashells. We’re sure the sea-inspired elements of her look were not a coincidence. 

Her makeup for this premiere was on the minimal side. We’re sure her face was painted with a myriad of products to create her glowy complexion, but her bronzed and blushed cheeks, shimmery nose highlight, and glossy lips were the most visible parts of this look. 

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