If your social media feeds are anything like mine, then they are likely filled with photos and videos from the Renaissance tour, including lots of sparkles, sequins, and silver. Some, including Halle Bailey, have decided to forgo the flashy glitter and overt displays of silver. To see her mentor perform, Bailey wore a twisted loc bob and added the subtlest subtle metallic detail to her bubble manicure

On August 13, Bailey shared her look on Twitter via two photos — one showing her hair and another a closeup of her nails — and a video of her and her sister jamming along to Beyoncé performing “Church Girl.” Our live-action The Little Mermaid star wore a long sleeve hot pink dress with a few pieces of jewelry, including a massive blinged-out name chain. 

Her bob, which was parted on the side, just barely grazed her shoulders. Small sections of her locs were twisted together and knotted at the ends to create a shorter length. The shortest twists fell above her brows, almost forming a side-bang-esque look. You can see those locs in full action as Bailey shakes them around in the video. 

The second photo shows a closer view of her massive silver chain and her coffin-shaped tips. Though these nails are completely transparent, they are far from basic or simple, thanks to the clear blobs or “bubbles” in various sizes covering each nail. Tiny silver circle charms were interspersed between the raised bubbles. 

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