Hailey Bieber’s glazed donut beauty trend took over (and still is) our feeds two years later. But, according to her latest TikTok, she might officially be leaving the frosted look behind for what she calls “strawberry makeup.”

On August 5, the model dropped a video tutorial for her strawberry makeup. She first introduced her fans to the look two days prior via an Instagram post. Strawberry makeup is quite simple — a light base with flushed red cheeks and glossy lips. She starts the tutorial by prepping her face using Rhode Beauty’s Glazing Milk followed by the Peptide Glazing Fluid

Then she brushes her brows before applying bronzer to her cheeks and forehead using Tom Ford’s Shade and Illuminate Contour Duo. After that, she blended out a concealer that she had applied to a few select areas, including her undereye area and the corners of her nose and lips. She proceeded to blend two pink cream blushes onto the apples of her cheeks. She said, “Can’t say where the cream blues are from, wink-wink,” likely indicating that the blushes are future launches from Rhode. 

After that, she added a peachy highlighter to her cheekbones before blending bronzer onto her lids. She created small freckles across her nose and cheeks. We love Freck Beauty’s Freck OG for drawing faux freckles. Her last few steps involve the subtlest cat eye, mascara, and glossy reddish lips that she created with a lip liner, the two cream blushes, and a clear gloss. We recommend the Best of Beauty-winning Pley Beauty Lust + Found Glossy Lip Lacquer

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As expected, strawberry makeup is already taking off on TikTok with folks following Bieber’s tutorial step-by-step. So is strawberry makeup officially the new glazed donut? 

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