When Hailey Bieber kicked off 2023 by chopping her hair into the cutest chin-skimming bob, she had stylists the world over picking up the scissors to give their clients a similar cut. Going short is so much fun; it makes for easy styling and can be a lot cooler on hot summer days, but when you go short, you’re also confronted with a serious lack of options for updos … or are you? Bieber proved us wrong with her latest summer look: a sleek, itty bitty bun that may be tiny, but packs a big punch of style.

The model and Rhode founder showed just how versatile a bob can be, posting a few pics of her trending latte makeup and matching cutout strapless dress. Bieber had pulled her brunette hair tightly back from her face, parting it precisely in the center and slicking it down and back before pinning the lengths into a tiny twisted bun at the crown of her head. A few small pieces have been pulled out from the pins to give it an effortless, casual vibe despite the sleekness. Yes, the baby bun is super small, but that doesn’t make it any less elegant!

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