On October 24, Hailey Bieber posted photos from her cover shoot with GQ Hype. The model graced the cover wearing a white monokini with a deep V-neck while standing in the ocean. The rest of the photo shoot carries the same beach vibe, seeing as the photos were taken at the Palm Heights resort in the Cayman Islands. Just hours after sharing her cover shoot, Bieber posted a selfie of her luminous skin and the many freckles decorating her face.

Seeing as the post was geotagged from the Cayman Islands, we know it’s a throwback from her time on set. Given her damp hair, we’d have to guess this selfie was taken just after she took a dip in the ocean for her beach shoot. As per usual, her skin looks like it was coated with a sugary glaze, her signature and infamous “glazed donut” dew. A splattering of freckles adorn her nose and cheeks, and you can even see a spot on her lips. 

It’s unlikely that she’s wearing too much makeup, given that she was spending time in the water, so we’ll credit her glow and flushed cheeks to her skin-care routine and good old-fashioned sun exposure. 

The pinkish flush on her cheeks did, however, remind me of her viral “strawberry girl makeup” tutorial, which she posted on TikTok in August. “Strawberry girl makeup” is rather simple: glowy bronzed skin with blush all over your nose and red cheeks to mimic a natural flush. The blush technique has also been popular in other TikTok viral looks including cold girl makeup and sunburnt blush.

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