Hailey Bieber’s latest beauty look just gave me serious deja vu. While the model was barely alive for the ’90s — she was born in 1996 — her frosted eye shadow would have been right at home in my Y2K makeup bag.

Bieber typically sticks to a more neutral or glazed eye in lieu of such bold color, but she isn’t afraid to experiment, either. (Remember her yellow eyeliner?) For a night out, the Rhode founder stepped out of her comfort zone with an icy blue frosted shadow, courtesy makeup artist Leah Darcy. Darcy used a shimmery baby blue color to set off Bieber’s hazel eyes and applied it all over her lids, but left her brow bone bare so the color was concentrated just on the lid — key to keeping the look modern and not costumey. Fresh, dewy skin and a delicate rose lip also gave the frosted finish a 2023 update, as did her sleek white turtleneck gown with a huge back cutout. 

Bieber’s version of the iced-out frosted finish looks a lot more sophisticated than the similar look I sported to my seventh-grade homecoming dance in 2000, when frosting yourself was the name of the game. (CoverGirl Disco Ball, I’ll always love you!)

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