If you don’t associate the phrase “glazed donut” with Hailey Bieber at this point, I need to know what underground bunker you’ve been peacefully residing in for the last couple of years. In addition to being held almost exclusively responsible for the glazed donut nails trend that’s been going strong since last summer, she’s also the face we think of when we talk about glazed donut skin — the extra-glowy complexion trend that preceded the frosted nails of the same nail and served as major marketing inspiration for Bieber’s Rhode skin-care products.

But Bieber is apparently not one to discriminate against other forms of sweet baked treats and how they might be interpreted cosmetically. When the model-turned-entrepreneur posted a new carousel of out-of-context recent photos to Instagram on May 8, it was topped off with a photo that shows a look that we have no choice but to coin cupcake makeup.

The awkwardly angled selfie shows what appears to be the glittery icing of a cupcake in two shades of pink. A few inches behind that icing is Bieber’s face, wearing makeup that arguably resembles said icing. Her lids appear to be covered in a wash of glittery, light pink eye shadow; meanwhile her lips are glossed in a darker pink that matches the lower layer of the icing.

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