Honestly, how dare we? We got so caught up in a Hailey Bieber manicure moment that wasn’t glazed donut nails that we somehow managed to overlook what could easily become the biggest makeup trend of the summer: yellow eyeliner.

A few days ago, Bieber posted photos of her latest manicure: neon-green, glow-in-the-dark nails with a vein-like gold design. Even among Coachella’s overflowing crowds, it stood out. But we almost missed the fact that she also wore bright yellow eyeliner. Probably because, against all odds, it actually looks really subtle.

Bieber posted photos that, yes, draw attention to the vibrant manicure, but upon closer inspection, you’ll see that Bieber is wearing goldenrod-yellow eyeliner along her upper lashline. Normally, an eyeliner color like that would stand out — especially in an otherwise low-key makeup look like this one, which features a hint of shimmer on her lids, a bit of mascara, rosy-bronze cheeks, and glossy lips — but it reads almost like a neutral.

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The summery feel makes it perfect for — well, summer. And considering what a trendsetter Bieber has become over the last few years, understated yellow eyeliner now seems like an inevitable summer 2023 makeup mode.

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