Cutting a bob is the best feeling. Your hair feels lighter, your neck can breathe and all those split ends get dumped in the trash. It’s a fresh start for your hair, your look and your styling routine. But the downside of living the bob life is when you decide to grow it out — unless you’re Hailey Bieber, that is.

Bieber, who cut her hair into a chic bob in January and then went even shorter a few months later with a chin-length chop, has shown the sheer versatility of shorter hair with slicked-back styles and itty-bitty buns alike, and now she’s proving that it is possible to avoid the awkward grow-out stage. In a new series of pics, Bieber’s bob continues to thrive at all angles.

While we don’t know for sure if Bieber is growing out her bob and returning to longer lengths, her hair has gotten longer, and a few strategically-placed layers are doing a lot of heavy lifting in ensuring the bob doesn’t look poufy or triangle-shaped as it grows. The model and Rhode founder wears her hair in tousled waves and dramatically parted to one side to give the cut lots of movement and motion, and her warm coppery-caramel highlights also add dimension and interest. It’s basically a masterclass in how to successfully grow out a bob without deeply regretting the moment your stylist’s scissors first sliced through your hair. (See also: Zendaya.)

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