As you may very well know, Hailey Bieber recently made her bob even bobbier by going noticeably shorter and ending her hair sharply at that equally sharp jawline of hers. But if you thought that mean she’d have to pass on ponytails this summer, you not only thought wrong, but you also failed to predict that she’d be entering her hair-ribbon era. (And honestly, how dare you?)

On Monday, May 29, Bieber posted several photos to Instagram via two different carousels showing what appears to be her enjoying France. (How very French bob of her.) And in at least eight of the photos, while seen in vastly different outfits, Bieber is wearing her hair either half or totally up and topped off with a little ribbon.

Graphic tee and jeans? White ribbon. Maroon bikini? Red ribbon. Sheer skirt and crop top? Pale pink ribbon. Baby pink ribbed top and jeans? Another pink ribbon. Red and white striped sweater? Black ribbon. 

Both husband Justin Bieber and bestie Justine Skye made appearances throughout the photos, and while neither were wearing ribbons themselves, it’s really only a matter of time before the woman who single-handedly (no pun intended) made frosty nail polish chic again has everyone around her — and nowhere near her — following her lead and tying up their hair with a thin strip of satiny fabric.

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