Hailey Bieber is all about bringing back past trends: glazed, pearlescent everything (very ’80s); frosted eyeshadow (very Y2K!); and even hair bows, a la the American Girl craze of the early ’90s. Now, however, Bieber is dipping into the very recent past — 2019 to be exact — and bringing back a manicure trend we never saw coming, and honestly almost missed entirely.

To our credit, the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it manicure made a very, very brief appearance in a new TikTok video of Bieber’s nighttime skin-care routine. In the vid, Bieber is dressed down in a sweatshirt and headband, applying a layer of her new Rhode Glazing Milk to her freshly-cleansed face. (The viral Peptide Lip Treatment makes a cameo, too.) Her skin is glowing, per usual, but let’s talk about those nails!

In true Bieber fashion, this isn’t your run-of-the-mill manicure. The model and Rhode founder sets nail trends like it’s another full-time job; when she says something is cool, we listen hard, and despite the fact that tortoiseshell nails had their moment in the late 2010s, Bieber is making a compelling case for its return. Every few nails are painted with a tortoiseshell design, the brown-and-black design reminiscent of headbands and hair accessories. We were even mimicking the tones via our hair color back in the day. (Bieber’s pal Kendall Jenner was also a fan of the mani trend.) The rest of her nails are painted a simple light gray and a deep brown-burgundy to let the tortoiseshell do all the talking.

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While I am a little surprised to see tortoiseshell making a comeback so soon, it doesn’t come as a complete shock. Bieber wore a similar design as part of her mismatched manicure in early June, so the pattern must have been on her mind … and now it’s on mine.

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