Some may look to the groundhog to predict spring’s arrival, but for summer, I look to the braided hairstyles Black folks wear to predict the season’s beginning and end. I’ve been seeing declarations that summer is over on my Twitter feed — not only am I fiercely rebuking that energy, but I’m also using H.E.R.‘s extremely long goddess box braids as proof that summer isn’t done with us yet. 

Of course, braids aren’t solely reserved for summertime, but box braids, especially goddess box braids, are a popular summer and vacation hairstyle. H.E.R. seems to be wearing her braids for her own vacation, and she first showed a portion of her box braids on Instagram on July 26. The photoset she posted on August 6 included better looks at her braided hair. 

In the first photo, the singer is wearing a cropped green top with olive pants and her curly box braids. The small plaits were so long that they practically touched her knees. The box braids look simple until you start to notice the curly pieces of hair throughout the plaits. It’s that curly texture that puts the “goddess” in the name goddess box braids. 

She styled her braids into a half-up look with a side part by taking two front sections and tying them together at the back of her head. You can see that her baby hairs were brushed into place along her hairline. 

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