Gwyneth Paltrow is a master of the effortless beauty look. Although most of the moments she shares on social media make it seem like she woke up a specimen of rolled-out-of-bed radiance, her California-casual, low-maintenance luxuriousness does take some maintenance. There’s plenty of skin care (mostly Goop, one would think) going onto that famous face (and a bit going into it, too, considering she’s been open about injectables). And it turns out that the straight hair we so naturally associate with her isn’t exactly how she naturally looks.

Paltrow shared a couple of photos on Wednesday, July 5, along with a caption about spending some quality time with a good friend on her birthday. In the closer-up of the two photos, we see that Paltrow is makeup-free (or at least fooling us with no-makeup makeup). But what jumps out most about her look is that her normally long, straight hair looks much wavier than we’re used to seeing it.

The middle-parted style is still Paltrow’s signature sunny blonde color, but it has a beachier texture — one that arguably could have come from sleeping in a braid, but also one that any naturally wavy-haired folks will recognize as suspiciously similar to their own.

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