Gwyneth Paltrow broke down her extremely Goop-y wellness routine on an episode of Dear Media’s The Art of Wellness podcast, released Monday, March 13, and people on social media were quick to criticize it. Commenters called the retired actor an almond mom (a mother who projects unhealthy eating habits onto her children) for sharing her habits under the banner of wellness.

The 50-year-old touts dated and debunked fad diets — including intermittent fasting and the paleo diet — as well as detoxes, daily exercise, and visits to the sauna. Throughout the interview, which was also video-recorded, Paltrow had an IV. (“I love an IV,” she said. “I’m an early IV adopter.”

The top comment on Dear Media’s TikTok clip, which as of publication has 42.8k likes, reads, “The mother of all almond moms.” The sentiment was echoed on Twitter, where a user called her “the final boss of Almond Moms.” Adds another viewer on TikTok: “This is ’90s children’s trauma in a nutshell, no pun.”

“What’s being described in this video is disordered eating,” reads one comment on Twitter. “It’s dangerous.”

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Others questioned what someone on such a restricted diet could be detoxing if she’s only eating bone broth and vegetables. “Does she know the liver does the detox for you and you can just eat food,” a user commented. 

“Nope nope nope so fast, then coffee (we all know why) then bone broth and some vegetables. not even enough to support 1 hour per day of exercise,” another comment said. 

This is not the first time Gwyneth Paltrow has received criticism for the Goop lifestyle she promotes, and it likely won’t be the last. In 2023 she shouldn’t expect anything less. 

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