To combine the two viral manicures, Ganzorigt uses an airbrush tool. The artist suggests airbrushing on two coats of a base color before adding a lighter shade of the color in the middle of the nail. “Gently spray the second color using the airbrushing tool then top it with your chrome powder or top coat,” says Ganzorigt. She always reaches for Tin Man Can Chrome from OPI, which is only available in salons. (Ganzorigt is an ambassador for the brand). 

IG / @nylove_nail 

If you prefer classic nail polish, Choi recommends using a nail sponge dipped in polish to create the aura effect. “The first layer should be super light, the second layer should be a bit darker and smaller, and the center dab should be the darkest to create an ombre effect for an aura look,” says Choi. To get the glazed effect, top the mani with a shimmering topcoat like ILNP Holographic Shimmer Nail Polish in the shade Secret Society. 

ILNP Holographic Shimmer Nail Polish in the shade Secret Society

Danneasy 1Pc Double-Ended Nail Sponges

The glazed aura manicures on our radar have been more on the neutral side, but we’re certain the shimmering effect would look just as sparkling on bright neon aura nails — after all the more colorful your aura, the better. 

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