That Gisele is really a chameleon, no? She was virtually unrecognizable earlier this year with slicked-back hair and skinny eyebrows — both in a cherry-red hue — on the cover of Vogue Italia. Earlier this week, she delivered her signature laid-back luxury in a new Louis Vuitton ad filmed at a private beach, and today, she showed us a more low-key, pared-down, back-to-nature look. Actually four looks.

The supermodel shared a carousel of photos of herself enjoying nature: brooks, trees, waterfalls, flowers, mountains, and even a little gardening. And if we can take anything away from the photos — aside from the fact that she loves and appreciates nature — it’s that Gisele can pull off several different hairstyles while she’s visiting the forest. 

Among Gisele’s nature-loving hair looks: a perfectly messy bun at the crown of her head, a low, loose braid with her shorter layers left dangling free, a not-too-tight, not-too-loose ponytail, and of course, Gisele’s go-to long, beachy waves. 

Although we can’t help but focus on her hair, Gisele actually has a much more important message to share for World Environment Day. “Mother Nature is our greatest teacher. She shows us that everything is interconnected and interdependent. Her power comes from her diversity and it depends on it for its survival. Just like with people, our differences are our strengths, and we get stronger when we work together,” she wrote in the caption. “Nature doesn’t judge or divide. She nurtures. She reminds us that every form of life is sacred, and important, and has its own special role in creating balance, so all of life can flourish. Nature has the answers — and by observing her, and mirroring back her example, we can all thrive. This is our home, and our choices create our future.”

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