You can select your ideal pair of glasses by choosing a frame style that complements your facial shape. Your choice of eyewear definitely affects how people perceive you. Initial impressions matter a lot, and most of the time, people will notice your spectacles before anything else about you. So, taking the time to do it well is worthwhile.


Although you may be aware of your blood type and hair colour, you might not be aware of your true facial shape. We don’t frequently consider it, but the shape of your face dictates what types and sizes of frames will not only suit you best, but also highlight your greatest facial characteristics. Pull your hair back so you can see your face’s complete outline to determine its form. Which area of your face is the widest—the cheeks, the forehead, or the jawline?

General guidelines for face shape and frame styling


Several individuals think that your features and structure need to be counterbalanced. The straightforward guideline is that your glasses should be more angular and more rounded depending on how angular your features are.

Especially if you enjoy your features, you shouldn’t feel the urge to hide them.


You are special because of them. You can draw attention to your natural features and lines by using spectacles that contrast with them. Working, in contrast, might help you develop more personality. Try-ons are the key to finding the ideal pair of glasses for you. We are experienced in assisting you in selecting the ideal frame.

1.Petite (small) Face

Smaller faces are also smaller in breadth and length. Try wearing smaller, rectangular, oval, or cat-eye frames. As long as they are not too large vertically for your face, shapes like square and circular may also be suitable.

Although thicker frames can be worn if they are the right fit, thinner frames are often more pleasing. Rimless glasses or crystal frames that don’t dominate you will let more of your face show.


Oversized and aviator frames might not be as appealing to you. Look for eyewear with shorter lenses, as these provide the appearance of a face with greater height.


Your face shape will typically be best described by the response, but you can also consider other aspects like the length of your face and the shape of your jaw (is it square, angular, or pointy?) (long vs. short). If you’re still unclear of your face’s form, you might use lipstick or a dry erase marker to draw the outline of your face on the mirror.


Square frames add definition to your face (hello, cheekbones!) similar to a contour kit. Avoid anything with soft lines and smooth edges to balance the roundness of your face. Instead, wear something with angular lines and edges. When purchasing sunglasses, seek out rectangular frames with four sharp corners or edges and, ideally, a slimmer frame.

2.Oval form

You have a face that is higher than wide. With most shapes fitting you, this facial shape makes wearing glasses the easiest. You can wear bolder colors, bigger geometric frames, and more daring styling.

3.Square Form

Your jawline is angular and robust. You may go for thinner, rounder frames that sit high on your nose to give the illusion of length. A semi-rimless design can soften angles. Avoid using boxy shapes. As well as cat eye and large frames, aviators are effective at softening angles.   also suit this face shape.

4.Heart Form

Your cheekbones taper into your jawline, and your forehead and jawline are both of similar breadth. You might make the top stand out to balance your face. If you want to soften your angles, round or oval frames are fantastic choices. Avoid frames with hefty or big lenses, tops with straight lines, or embellishments that will add bulk to your forehead. You will probably look best in thin frames. Try crystal (clear) frames as well.

Show Off Your Style


There are many different eyewear designs on the market today, and you can always find one that appeals to you. Choose a few frames that you enjoy wearing, and then throw out those that don’t fit the style you’re going for. Eventually, you ought to be able to narrow down your options to a select number that truly reflects your style. Keep in mind that the personnel at our optical shop is always willing to offer advice!

POP Your Top Qualities

What about your Face do you like best? Is it your strikingly large eyes? Your complexion? Choose a frame to emphasize your best attribute after selecting it.

Choose the Correct Size


Too-tight frames might restrict peripheral vision and make you feel uncomfortable. Be sure the eyeglasses you are trying on are not pinching, rubbing, or causing red spots on your nose. Also, excessively large eyeglasses might impair eyesight by falling off the face or down the nose.

Although your optician can make modifications to ensure comfort around the ears, frames that are much too big or tiny will never be the perfect fit.

The Right Glasses for Your Lifestyle

Make sure the frames you select for your next pair of glasses complement your personality, interests, and way of life. When choosing, it’s crucial to take your activities into account.

You may consider stronger eyewear if you play sports or are very active. Consider transition lenses if you spend a significant amount of the day outdoors.

Material & Weight Are Important


Your new frames’ durability and comfort will be considerably influenced by the material. In the past, metal, plastic, or a combination of the two was most frequently used to make frames. A greater range of materials, including eco-friendly ones created from sustainable materials, are now accessible.

Metal frames

Metal frames frequently include adjustable nose pads and can be heavier and more durable.

Plastic frames

Plastic frames are typically lighter, less expensive, and require less upkeep.

Eco-friendly frames

Eco-friendly frames are generally made of biodegradable materials and are made with sustainability in mind.


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