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Welcome to July, Gemini. At the end of June, due to moves from your ruling planet, messenger Mercury, you found yourself able to tap into your emotions and get vulnerable with someone that you care about. This month, when Monday, July 3, brings a full moon in Capricorn and your 8th House of Transformation, you see how powerful emotional intimacy can be. Whether a friend becomes a best friend or you further commit to a romantic partner, a relationship evolves, and you couldn’t be happier.

When fun-loving Mars enters Virgo and your 4th House of Home and Family on Monday, July 10, you and this particular person have such a good time together that you remember that intimacy doesn’t have to be intimidating; it can be playful, witty, and merry, which are all traits Geminis hold dear. And, because chatty Mercury enters joyful Leo and your 3rd House of Communication on Tuesday, July 11, you find continuing to express your gratitude for this partnership flows easily. You don’t even have to overthink it.

When the inky darkness of a new moon in home-oriented Cancer takes over the sky on Monday, July 17, despite having a reputation for loving parties and being the social butterfly of the zodiac, you find yourself having more fun than ever at home, taking it easy with your favorite people.

While June is clearly fabulous for your relationships, be aware that Venus, the planet of love, abundance, and beauty, goes retrograde on Saturday, July 22, through Sunday, September 3. While astrologers can never give money advice in this economy, Venus retrograde is associated with potential delays regarding cash flow. It’s also not the best time to make major changes to your appearance, such as getting a tattoo (a temporary tattoo should be fine). And, it can slow down romance, but frankly, Gemini, if you’re currently dating, you have so much charisma that Venus retrograde can’t slow you down.

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The sun enters Leo, kicking off Leo season, and your 3rd House of Communication, on Saturday, July 22. The stars stand by the above statement. You’re currently luckier in love than ever, both in platonic and romantic relationships. However, this comes with one caveat: you must continue communicating honestly and openly. Don’t make promises you can’t keep, and never tell someone what they want to hear if you don’t mean it.

Chiron, a planetary body known in astrology as the “wounded healer,” goes retrograde in Aries and your 11th House of Friendship on Sunday, July 23. Astrologers associate this transit with healing trauma (but, like intimacy, that doesn’t have to be heavy). As Chiron retrogrades in your 11th House of Friendship for the rest of the year (Chiron’s backward dance lasts through Tuesday, December 26), you experience love and healing thanks to your chosen family. The remainder of 2023 sees you continue to grow closer to people who feel like home. Remember, Gemini, tell them that you appreciate them. See you in August.   

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