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Welcome to August, Gemini. During July, Venus, the romantic ruler of beauty, went retrograde. During the graceful planet’s backward dance, astrologers advise against drastically changing your appearance until Venus stations direct on Sunday, September 3. However, self-care has never been more critical; it’s the secret to surviving Venus retrograde with minimal stress. 

People tend to adore you, Gemini, so sometimes, getting alone time can take some scheduling. Blame your astrologer and use the potentially messy full moon in Aquarius on Tuesday, August 1, to say no to social invitations and say yes to lazy time at home. Full moons can lead to quarreling and miscommunication, especially with the influence of aloof Aquarius. As a result, skip drinks unless you’re curled up on your couch with a relaxing glass of wine and a face mask.

You have a reputation as a heartbreaker, but as represented by the twins, the truth is, you’re always looking for your cosmic plus one. Whether you’re dating and ready to take a romantic relationship to the next level or see a friend achieving best friend status, a partnership grows through intimate conversations once Juno, the asteroid of commitment, enters big-hearted Leo and your 3rd House of Communication on Tuesday, August 15. You’re the orator of the zodiac, as ruled by messenger Mercury, so lean into those skills to honestly, directly, and kindly state your desires. Your loved one will be more than happy to listen. Expect to have some talks on or around Wednesday, August 16, which brings a new moon in Leo.

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There’s another reason why getting important conversations out of the way during the first half of August is beneficial. Your ruling planet, Mercury, goes retrograde starting on Wednesday, August 23. While you can be more prone to the undesired effects of Mercury retrograde (miscommunication, travel delays, and plenty of typos) than other signs, stressing out will only add to the hassle. Plus, when Virgo season begins on this same date, Wednesday, August 23, the stars have lovely chilled out summer adventures ready for you. Virgo season is about hosting cocktail hours, taking Friday afternoons off from work for picnics with friends, and sweaty nights on the dance floor. Don’t be surprised if you start hooking up with a friend or two people in your social circle get together once Mars, the red-hot planet of sex, enters Libra on Sunday, August 27.

While you pride yourself on your independence, even you are prone to jealousy, Gemini. If the latter occurs, and two of your friends become lovers or even just seem to be growing closer, try your damndest to be happy for them. However, if they start leaving you out, you’re allowed to talk to them about it. Check in with yourself to see if that’s genuinely the case before you whip up any drama and get in the way of others’ joy. When Uranus, the rebel of the zodiac, goes retrograde in grounded Taurus on Monday, August 28, your task is to challenge your quick-to-react air sign nature and think before you speak (especially during Mercury’s backward dance). 

After so much advice about being happy for others and practicing calm and relaxation, you’ll be pleased to hear that Wednesday, August 30, brings a full moon in dreamy Pisces and your 10th House of Social Status, signifying that attention is coming your way. And, as much as you adore people fussing over you in your personal life, while no astrologer can promise money in this economy, there’s a solid chance that this lunation points to acclaim in your creative or professional endeavors. So have fun, enjoy the dog days of summer, and remember to keep your jealousy in check. 

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