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Happy February, Gemini. Are your plans set for Valentine’s Day, or do you have too many crushes to send roses to everyone? Kidding, of course. You’re so charming that people send you flowers. At the end of January, you saw friendships deepening and your social circle expanding. Because your ruling planet is Mercury, the messenger of the gods, you tend to kick ass at making friends and networking. However, while those were your primary themes for last month, February is all about romance. The sparks start to fly when Sunday, February 5, brings a full moon in confident Leo. Because full moons mark culminations, this weekend could see you leveling up a relationship. And, on a lighter note, because the full moon falls in your 3rd House of Communication, this is also an ideal weekend to explore fantasy, in particular, dirty talk. 

While the first week of February is all about fun and pleasure, don’t be surprised if a new romance or fling levels up by the time Mercury enters community-oriented Aquarius on Saturday, February 11. This transit bodes well for having more “serious” relationship talks, whether you’re considering getting married, opening up a relationship, or even both. Perhaps you’re simply settling on Valentine’s Day plans. Just keep in mind that Mercury is your ruling planet, and it has your best interest at heart. Sometimes emotional relationship talks can leave a flighty air sign like you ready to run, but work on grounding yourself in the goodness of the present in order to show up for your partnerships. 

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Allow yourself to dream about the future when the sun enters Pisces on Saturday, February 18, kicking off Pisces season. The next day, Sunday, February 19, brings a new moon in Pisces and your 10th House of Social Status. While last month was about getting ahead at work, dreamy Pisces season is about getting ahead in your love life. Also, on Sunday, February 19, the planet of romance, Venus, enters assertive Aries. For many Geminis, “getting ahead” in love will result in a new partner or passion returning to a formerly stagnant partnership. However, remember, getting ahead should always be interpreted as becoming happier. For other Geminis, Pisces season will help you realize your worth and find the confidence to leave partnerships holding you back. Trust the stars, but also trust yourself. Because Pisces is such a psychic sign, this time of year is excellent for meditation, working with tarot or a therapist, or leaning on your chosen family to get to the heart of what you need. You’ve got this, Gemini; see you next month. 

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