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Welcome to April, Gemini. Are you ready for a chaotic eclipse and the start of Mercury retrograde? Don’t worry. This month also brings orgasms and intimacy, so you’ll likely be too focused on your love life to notice. At the end of March, you were reminded of the importance of maintaining friendships. Please don’t be the person who stops responding to your bestie when things are going well with bae. Starting on Monday, April 3, when your ruling planet, Mercury, enters caring Taurus, the theme continues as you rethink your relationship to communication. For some Geminis, this means becoming better at responding to loved ones, and for the busier social butterflies, this means establishing boundaries and spending less time on your phone. 

Wednesday, April 5, brings a full moon in beautiful Libra. As you may know by now, astrologers often advise folks to take it easy during these powerful lunations, as they bring out people’s primal side, which can mean fighting. But because this full moon lights up your 5th House of Pleasure, this night sees you more interested in f*cking than fighting. So make a date with a trusted lover, break out a sex toy, or if you’re asexual or interested in other avenues of pleasure, consider treating yourself to a massage, long bath, or luxurious skincare routine. 

But, regardless of how you spend the Libra full moon, don’t be surprised if Cupid catches up to you by Monday, April 10, when Venus, the planet of romance, enters your sign, Gemini. For many of you twins, this transit blesses your love life with increased intimacy and orgasms. However, remember that even friendships can feel romantic at times, even if they aren’t sexual, so this transit, calling upon themes from earlier in the month, may leave you appreciating your chosen family more than ever. 

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And, speaking of friendships, make sure not to stir up drama during the new moon and solar eclipse in hot-headed Aries on Wednesday, April 19Eclipses are undeniably cool, but they’re also intimidating and, just like the most popular kid at school, can leave you feeling flustered. And here’s a secret: As the epic heartbreaker of the zodiac, you might be that cool kid, even if you don’t know it, Gemini. So if you feel on edge around this time, pour yourself into a hobby or enjoy a relaxing movie, but make sure not to take any eclipse-induced anxiety out on your friends.

Thankfully, the stars chill out, and depending on where you live, the weather gets warmer when grounded Taurus season begins on Thursday, April 20. During the first half of April, your personal relationships took front and center. Now, the next few weeks will see you focused on your career, but don’t worry, that doesn’t mean you have to become a workaholic. Rather, during Taurus season, check in with yourself to ensure you’re being treated well in your professional life. Unfortunately, in this economy, not everyone has the luxury of changing jobs, even if you’re not thrilled with your current situation. Advocate for yourself, and remember that it’s okay to take time off if you can or find fulfillment through other avenues, such as creative projects unrelated to your day job. Just read the fine print before you sign any necessary documents, and allow extra travel time if going on job interviews, as your ruling planet Mercury goes retrograde on Friday, April 21. You’ve got this, Gemini. You’re stronger than you think.

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