There was a time when tendrils — pieces of hair intentionally left dangling from the hairline when the rest of the hair is up or back — were almost indelibly associated with ‘90s and early-2000s prom hairdos. In the last few years, however, they’ve made a very tasteful comeback, with lots of celebrities (like Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé) letting a few strands flop on their forehead or frame their face. But oddly enough, one of our favorite hair icons, Gabrielle Union, hasn’t really participated in the trend all that much — until now. In fact, she’s making up for lost time by wearing what is easily one of the biggest tendrils we’ve ever seen.

On Thursday, November 9, the actor and entrepreneur attended the Burberry Knight Bar event in New York City looking — and this is not even the slightest shock — incredible. Under her floor-length faux-fur coat, she wore a black blouse with a quirky, red duck pattern, which was echoed in yellow on her pants.

Pan your gaze upward, though, and you’ll find an elegant, side-parted updo. And although we haven’t gotten a good view of the back of Union’s hairstyle, we’re very satisfied with seeing just the front. That’s where you’ll find the tendril to end all tendrils. In addition to being on the longer side of typical tendril length — it reaches past her chin — it’s easily one of the broadest we’ve ever seen, at what must be four or five inches wide. The hint of waviness adds interest to the shiny swath.

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