At the beginning of June, I was insanely jealous of Gabrielle Union for making the process of taking down box braids look way too easy — truly, what sorcery was going on? Now, two weeks later, I’m envious of her and her hair once again, but this time around it’s because she had what might be one of the best bobs I’ve ever seen in my life. 

On June 13, Union was spotted in the streets of New York City after filming an appearance on Good Morning America with a wide smile, her short hair, and a cute monochromatic bubblegum pink outfit. Her dark hair was styled simply with a side part and minimal baby hairs — you can see a single swoop right where the side part began. Her silky, straight hair was on the longer side for a bob and grazed her collarbone area. 

The blunt cut might be my favorite part of this bob. For a split second, I thought she had an edgy asymmetrical haircut with longer pieces of hair at the front. At first, I felt like I traveled back in time to my youth when asymmetrical bobs were the It look — remember Rihanna’s bob haircut from her “Umbrella” days? It was a haircut I wanted badly, and seeing Union’s bob is giving me some ideas for my next hair appointment. 

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