Summer has never been my favorite season — even as a kid with summers off — and I’ve always envied those who embrace it full-throttle. I’ve always wondered, What’s your secret? How do summer lovers manage to have such a carefree, celebratory attitude in such horrible heat, all the while looking absolutely adorable? Well, it seems Gabrielle Union has dropped a couple of clues about enjoying summer like a pro — at least from the neck up.

Union shared a selfie to her Instagram Stories showing herself looking positively radiant over the weekend. The makeup-free photo reveals glowing, freckled skin — no doubt protected by sunscreen. But it’s what’s happening at the top of her head that’s the really noteworthy beauty moment.

The Perfect Find actor’s long hair has been swept up into two twisty space buns. The knotted style has a fabulous mixed textured, alternating between the braided and unbraided strands. They pop out from above a super-cute visor, which elevates both her sun protection and her overall ensemble.

Instagram/Gabrielle Union

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