I know perfection doesn’t exist — I have to remind myself of that constantly — but can we put that aside for two seconds? Because it’s getting much harder for me to believe perfection does not exist after seeing Gabrielle Union’s latest hairstyle: a curled silk press with a shiny looped bang

Union showed off her curled bob on September 7 when she was in New York City for a JCPenney event. Dressed in all black, Union looked like a calm and collected queen in the midst of the hectic Fashion Week. Hairstylist Nai’vasha straightened and then curled the actor’s shoulder-length hair for this bouncy bob. 

Instead of parting Union’s hair, Nai’vasha swept most of the hair to one side, letting it fall around her face while the stylist tucked the other side behind the actor’s ear. As a result, the shortest, curled piece grazed Union’s lash line before forming the flawless loop that rested at her temple. On the tucked side, Nai’vasha brushed and gelled down her baby hairs

I need to know what hair products Nai’vasha used to make her hair more reflective than her lip gloss. It could be a hair gloss or even a great blowout cream. Alternatively, the sheen might simply be a result of Union maintaining a consistent hair routine. 

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