When you buy clothes, you put in much effort, such as what the material is and how good it looks. However, you overlook these factors when you shop for underpants. You wear underwear the whole day, and when you find the perfect pair, it will make you feel comfortable and confident in your skin.

But nowadays, there are several options available. That you can buy briefs, trunks, thongs, etc., and you might find it challenging to find the right style. If you are looking for different men’s Underwear Online styles, check out abcunderwear.com.

Meanwhile, to make sure that your underwear style is on point, below are some of the ways and tips for you to pick the right underwear.

Things To Consider When Buying Underwear

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When you look for underwear, especially online, you can see that there are several options. But do not worry; if you are confused about how to pick the right pair, check out these points.

Different Style

Thongs, trunks, briefs, boxers, and many more. Yes, these are different styles of underwear that you can get. So, before you buy underpants online, you must first identify which style suits you. You can check out what these styles offer, for which occasion they are best suited, etc.

Also, remember the more different styles you have, the more comfortable you will get in your daily activities.

Type Of Fabric

Different fabric materials are available, such as cotton, nylon, silk, etc. Remember that for different activities, different materials are suited; for example, polyamide and spandex are best suited for everyday wear, and nylon is perfect for gaming and sporting activities.

Determine The Size

One of the vital factors to consider is the size. So, be sure to have the correct size. For that, you can always measure; you need to measure your hips and waist. You can grab the soft body tape measure, do not use the standard construction measuring tape, as it won’t give an accurate measurement.

The Color Of Underwear

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You can pick any color you want; nowadays, there are bold and fun colors that men prefer. In fact, there are underwear with different patterns too. However, you must remember that your underwear color must match your clothing.

It makes you look stylish and novice. When you look online, you can see different color options that will perfectly match your outfit.

Check For Seams

For some people, seam plays a vital role as it has an impact on fit and comfort. You can opt for a flat seam as it would not chafe. Poorly placed seams can cause irritation. So, to avoid that, when you buy online, always opt for a reliable seller; you can look out for reviews to get the idea.

Types Of Men’s Underwear


Briefs are one of the most common underwear that most men prefer. If you are looking for a snug fit, briefs should be your first choice. They work great for low-rise and well-trimmed pants.


Do you want the best of both worlds? Then trunks are the best option. They provide the easy comfort of the boxer and fit of the briefs. Trunks offer a more tapered boxer fit, and they go best with every type of pants, such as trousers, chinos, etc.

Trunks are available in three different styles: long, mid, and short. They are available in different bold colors, so your underpants game can be stylish too. The best part is that you will have all day-comfort,

Boxer Briefs

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The boxer briefs are between trunks and boxer shorts. The boxer briefs have a relaxed fitting, and they sit perfectly on the waist. They provide maximum coverage and offer good support. They go perfectly with pleated and relaxed-fit pants.

If you want the most comfort, then you can opt for polyamide or cotton, as it allows extreme stretch and elasticity.

Boxer Shorts

They are perfect for summer, and they provide extreme comfort while sleeping! You get enough breathability and movement to give comfort. However, the boxers are loose, so there are chances that they can bunch up. So, you should not wear them with pants or trousers.


Mid-trunks are perfect for a workout session, and they provide you with support and are breathable too. However, when you wear it at the gym, you might have to wear a supporter, but if you are working out at home or doing yoga, they are perfect.


Gone are the days when only briefs or boxers were considered the staple choice for underwear. Thongs are the new craze. They not only provide an improved fit, but they look sexy and stylish too. Your pants will fit nicer when you opt for thongs. It is perfect for those who favor a tailored look with form-fitting shorts, pants, etc. They also give a boost to your overall appearance.


Most people believe that Jockstraps are exclusive for athletes, but that is not entirely true. In fact, more men include jockstraps for their everyday use and whatnot! They are extremely comfortable. They produce optimal lift and support.

Jockstraps consist of two elastic waist straps that cover the frontal pouch. It conforms to your shape and size and provides you with ample coverage.

Men’s Bikini

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Yes, Men’s bikinis are an option too, and they are designed without flys and waistbands. This is perfect for recreation and sunbathing. Bodybuilders do wear them, as they are used as their uniform. Bikin has more material than jockstrap, and they are preferred mostly as swimming trunks.


Summing up, who does not love new clothes? However, the most important purchase that you make is something that people might not be able to see. With all the clothing that catches attention, it might be easy to overlook the underpants.

However, it is important to put in effort as it is something that you will wear every day. So, follow the above points and pick the underwear that suits your style.

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