Florence Pugh was attempting to drop our jaws and break our necks with her stunning look at the 2023 British Academy Film Awards — and she succeeded. The Little Women star was spotted on the red carpet with a gravity-defying updo that is almost too perfect to describe. 

On February 19, she arrived at the award ceremony in a gorgeous red tulle gown that was brighter than the very carpet she was standing on. She paired the vibrant dress with light makeup, including a subtle cat-eye and a mauve lip, that put all the focus on her glorious hairstyle. Her short hair must have been slicked back with some impressively strong-hold gel or hairspray because no strand was out of place. Her baby bangs were parted slightly on one side and brushed away from her face. From the front, you can see her super short fringe and the blades of hair sticking out from behind her head.

Once you spot the abstract updo from the back, you won’t be able to contain your awe. Sections of her blonde hair were twisted and pinned in place. From the base of those twisted rolls, flattened pieces of her hair were fanned out to mimic the neckline of her gown, which had pieces of fabric jutting out. Given that Pugh currently has a bob that barely reaches past her shoulders, we have a good feeling that her hairstylist employed some blonde extensions that matched her own hair to create this hairstyle.

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