We’ve been having a lot of fun watching actor Florence Pugh play with her hair these days. She’s been keeping us on our toes ever since she debuted her shaved head at the 2023 Met Gala, dyeing it pink, then orange and even channeling Guy Fieri. The buzz cut keeps growing, but now it’s less Food Network and more Turner Classic Movies, as evidenced by Pugh’s recent appearance at Paris Fashion Week.

Gone is the “Oppenheimer orange” buzz and in its place, a creamy platinum blonde shade that looks stunning with the actor’s dark brows and brown eyes. Pugh showed off her new color and style at the Valentino show in Paris, posing for photos with her hair styled in a ’50s-esque crop with the sides brushed back and slicked down and the top artfully tousled; put her in a leather jacket and she’d be right at home on the set of Rebel Without a Cause or Grease. A red lip would have made the style look too vintage and costumey, so Pugh paired it with a chic deep purple-rose lip and minimal eye makeup instead.

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