When you’re attending the haute couture shows in Paris, you gotta take your beauty game up a notch. Florence Pugh knows the power of a well-timed transformation — remember her shaved head at the Met Gala?? That buzz cut has since grown out a bit, but that wasn’t the surprise Pugh had in mind for her appearance at the Valentino show. Instead, the star ditched her dark hair in favor of a sweet strawberry pink.

It’s been a few months since Pugh said goodbye to her golden blonde bob in favor of a complete buzz, so she’s got more hair to work with these days. It appears that Pugh and her glam team bleached the base color before dyeing it pink; though the actor is synonymous with a beachy, rooty blonde, her natural hair color is closer to brunette. In keeping with her pretty-in-punk aesthetic, the pink color isn’t pristine; there’s a bit of rootiness and a diffusion of pink tones to make it look lived-in and organic.

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