Remember yesterday when I was all like, “Wow, Florence Pugh let her pink hair dye fade, but it still looks so cool,” and, “I don’t know what she’ll do with her hair color next, but it’s sure to look just as rad”? (I didn’t actually say “rad,” but you know what I mean.) Well, it appears the acclaimed actress didn’t want to keep us waiting too long for her next shade switch-up. 

Obviously, the length of her growing-out buzz cut didn’t change much in 24 hours — it’s still only a couple of spiky inches long — but the color has gone in a fun new direction. She debuted the look at the UK Oppenheimer premiere — a citrusy new yellowy-orange shade with a more intense tangerine toward the top and her dark roots still visible.

Although Pugh might have decided on the color on a whim, I can’t help but wonder if she was showing some team spirit for the new movie. As she stood on the red carpet, it became apparent that her hair actually matched the color of the film’s orange logo. Her fiery red dress only enhances the effect, complementing the rust-colored clouds on the oversized poster behind her.

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