If there is one thing Lizzo is going to do, it’s make sure we don’t get too comfortable with any of her hairstyles. In the month of January, she has already debuted five different looks so far. She started 2023 with long messy curls and a thick fringe. Now with only a few days left in the month, she has popped out with one of the shortest cuts we’ve seen on her yet. 

The “About Damn Time” singer shared her new blonde-highlighted bob with bangs in an Instagram carousel full of selfies, posted on January 24. The first selfie in the slideshow shows Lizzo with black sunglasses titled just enough for us to see her eyes while she gave the camera her best Tyra Banks-approved. top-model pose. This tousled short cut almost resembles a choppy shag style, but we think that’s simply because of how it was styled giving the illusion of drastic layers. 

Lizzo has never hesitated to experiment with fun hair colors, but for all of January, her hair has mainly been a dark brown. This short haircut had that same dark brown color at the roots but that dark color seamlessly faded into an ash-blonde color that was so light it almost looked white in some of the photos due to the lighting. There were blonde streaks in her wispy bangs that just touched our eyebrows, making us wonder what kind of highlighting technique was used on this bob.

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