When I want to wear a higher-than-usual ponytail, only one thing will do: a fresh-off-the-cardboard hair elastic. The one I’ve been wearing on my wrist for the last month doesn’t have the strength, and neither does a scrunchy — it’s all poof and no power. So I’m completely bewildered by how Eva Longoria‘s latest ponytail seems to be suspended atop her head with nothing but a wish and a prayer.

Longoria was in Cannes with L’Oréal Paris on Wednesday, June 21, to speak at the Cannes Lions festival. In addition to wearing a long-sleeve, high-neck maxi dress with a dramatic slit and watercolor-esque pattern, the actor and director wore the absolutely cutest super-high ponytail. Unlike so many elevated ponies, it’s not pulled especially tight. Instead of sleek and harsh, it’s voluminous and wispy.

Perhaps the most impressive element of the ponytail, however, is that it seems to be held in place by nothing more than Longoria’s own hair. Sure, it’s probably wrapped around an industrial-strength hair elastic — it would have to be to maintain that height — and secured with an invisible-to-the-eye bobby pin, but that’s much more commonly seen on mid and low ponytails, making this hairstyle seem like a magic trick.

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