It can be very tempting to do something different, beauty-wise, for a big event. We’ve all been there, and if you’re like me, you’ve found out the hard way that trying an elaborate new eye-shadow look or getting a drastic haircut right before a major occasion can lead to regret. But it appears Eva Longoria has figured out how to make it work: Instead of making a huge change to your hairstyle right before an event, make a huge change to your hairstyle right before two events. If the events are in two different countries on the same day, even better.

On Thursday, November 9, Longoria attended both the Academy Women’s Luncheon presented by Chanel in Los Angeles and the Mexico City, Mexico, ceremony for Glamour‘s Women of the Year honors. You might think she wouldn’t have time for a dramatic departure from the way she usually wears her hair, but the actor, director, and producer decided to add a haircut to her packed schedule.

Longoria shared a behind-the-scenes selfie video in which stylist Ken Paves was apparently just finishing up her haircut. It’s immediately apparent that he chopped off nearly a foot of her length, leaving her with a chic, sleek lob, the ends of which floated above the lovely Chanel necklaces she wore to the Academy Women’s Luncheon at Los Angeles’s Academy Museum of Motion Pictures.

Instagram/Eva Longoria

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