Ratajkowski may stick to her beauty basics for the most part, but she does enjoy a foray into the unexpected on occasion, like the disco curls she wore for a party or the pixie cut wig she wore for a photoshoot. For the Versace Fall/Winter 2023 show in Los Angeles, Ratajkowski and her fellow models wore sleek, bird of prey-inspired black eyeliner that made them look like the most glamorous goths ever, and that supersized liner may have inspired Ratajkowski to attempt a slightly more subdued version on herself for her birthday.

The inner corner liner trend may be on the come-up again; Ratajkowski isn’t the only celeb who recently gave it a spin. Rita Ora, quite the beauty chameleon herself, recently wore neon green shadow in the same spot to really liven up a more neutral eye. It’s giving 2010s indie-era quirkiness in the best way … maybe it’s time to dig out my stash of colorful liner once more.

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