In 2016, Dyson entered the hair-care game with the Supersonic blow-dryer. Two years later, the Airwrap, which almost every Allure editor has made a shrine in honor of, came into existence and forever changed our styling routines. Then, just this year, the brand launched the Airstrait. We weren’t expecting Dyson to launch another tool in 2023 — let alone a more affordable version of an existing one. 

Let us introduce the Dyson Origin Supersonic, an inexpensive version of the Supersonic hair dryer. You’re probably wondering what the alluded catch is, so we’re we so let’s break it down. The Origin Supersonic retails for $400, which is $30 cheaper than the Supersonic, which comes in at $430. 

Despite the price decrease, the Origin features the same technology as the Supersonic. The Origin has built-in bladeless technology in the head and an impeller in the handle, which together can push out 13 liters of air per second, as well as a motor that’s three times lighter than that of an average hair dryer (according to Dyson) and located in the handle, which makes the entire device less top-heavy and much easier to maneuver. What’s more: The dryer also measures the air temperature 20 times per second to make sure it never exceeds 302 degrees, resulting in more shine, less damage, and no singed scalps. 

The Dyson Origin Supersonic hair dryer and universal smoothing nozzle attachment.

Courtesy of brand

Ready for the catch? The Origin doesn’t include all the attachments that the regular Supersonic comes with. That’s right: Dyson is marketing the Origin as a simplified version of the beloved Dyson Supersonic, offering only the hair dryer and universal smoothing nozzle attachment. So, if that’s all you need, you’re in luck. In comparison, the original Supersonic comes with five attachments: diffuser, styling concentrator, wide tooth comb, gentle air, and flyaway attachment

If you’ve been wishing for a Dyson hair dryer but are less eager about forking over $430, now is your chance to snag one for yourself and save some decent bucks. The Dyson Origin comes in an exclusive black and nickel colorway and is available now on for $400. 

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