In mid-May, Dua Lipa decided to switch up her eye makeup with an edgy smoky look. Typically, the “Don’t Stop Now” singer will wear lighter, shimmery eye makeup, so this darker vibe was a welcome treat. She paired her smoked-out shadows with long, spidery lashes. 

Lipa posted the edgy selfie plus a few other photos on May 16 with the caption, “bottom lashes like spider legs.” The first flick shows Lipa giving her best pout with a close-up shot of one side of her face. Makeup artist Lisa Eldridge blended dark eye shadows onto her lids and lower lash lines, creating a gorgeous smoky eye. 

She coated the singer’s lashes with a mascara that defined each lash hair.  Her lower lashes, in particular, looked extremely long, almost as if Eldridge painted each individual lash with mascara. Each spindly piece of hair stuck out against the dark background of her eye shadows. Honestly, it’s quite shocking that there is no mascara smudging or residue on her lower lash line or lids. Neither Lipa nor Eldrigde has revealed what mascara was used, so we will simply have to admire it from afar for now. 

On her own Instagram account, Eldridge pointed out a few other details in this look, namely Lipa’s rosy cheeks and nose, faux freckles, and a metallic, warm tan lip color she dubbed “Sorcery lip.” We also couldn’t help but notice her blue chrome manicure. Unfortunately, she didn’t post a nailfie with this Instagram carousel, so you can only see part of her metallic nails on slides three, five, and seven. 

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