I rarely hear it anymore, but whenever someone refers to a French manicure as a “full pink-and-white set,” it takes me back to the 1990s. I was a teenager getting my first acrylic nails for a homecoming dance, and I remember being confused over why it was called a pink-and-white set when the allegedly pink part was barely pink — a traditional French manicure always reads like a rosy beige to me. But the French manicure Dua Lipa wore to the American an European premieres of the Barbie movie is truly a full pink-and-white set.

Lipa arrived at the London leg of the Barbie premiere events on July 12 wearing a super-sleek, high, long ponytail and muted makeup, including shimmery taupe eye shadow and a mauve lip. She wore an elaborate choker with matching earrings and, as we saw when she blew a kiss to the crowd, matching rings, too. But that was also the moment that gave everyone a clear look at her nails.

A standard French manicure at first glance, it becomes instantly apparent that the pink portion of her nails is pink-pink: opaque and a near-perfect match for the pink carpet.

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