Is Saweetie in training to be the next champion Pokémon trainer? Judging from her latest manicure, Ash Ketchum better watch his back.

The rapper added yet another entry to her long list of absolutely epic, eye-catching manis with a Pokémon-themed set so colorful and adorable, it needed an Instagram carousel to adequately capture its magnificence. Her extra long nails have been shaped into super sharp stilettos in ombré rainbow colors, including a red-to-blue color diffusion on her pointer finger ending in an adorable yellow Pikachu charm and a similar color pattern with a Squirtle charm on her middle finger. At the base of each nail sits a glittering gemstone — except on her pinky, which is home to the fluffy pink character Jigglypuff. Her thumbs, which have a little more real estate than the rest of her fingers, are decorated with both Pikachu and Jigglypuff figures.

Lucky for us, Saweetie shared a bunch of photos so we can see every teeny detail of the Pokémon-centric set, including a funny behind-the-scenes pic of how far she’ll go to get the perfect shot, including contorting her body in a back bend in front of a brick wall to get the light just right. (Been there!)

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