Doja Cat is never not making Allure headlines for always-creative makeup and ever-changing hairstyles. During just Paris Fashion Week alone, she was the beauty news cycle: studded eyebrows, a bleached buzz cut, false eyelashes as eyebrows and facial hair, blue contouring, a body covered in gold paint followed by a body covered in red crystals, micro bangs revealing invisible eyebrows — she really went all out. It makes something like a new tattoo seem downright subtle.

On Thursday, March 23, Doja posted a photo to her Instagram Stories revealing that she has new ink on her left wrist: a gorgeous new design from celebrity-beloved tattoo artist Brian Woo (aka Dr. Woo). It’s an antelope skull — a symbol with a variety of meanings depending on one’s culture, but Doja didn’t share any information about why she chose this particular imagery.

The beautifully executed realism almost seems to match the shading of her new manicure by nail artist Saccia. The beige base of the extra-long nails is partially covered by a gradient dark brownish-gray that fades back to beige at the squared-off tips.

Doja Cat/Instagram

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