On March 23, Doja Cat threw the Internet into a frenzy after she revealed her new wrist tattoo: an antelope skull. Folks believed her tattoo had demonic symbolism, and their projections only increased when she shared a new leg tattoo of one of Fortunio Liceti’s De Monstris illustrations on April 15. And it looks like those ridiculous assumptions won’t stop anytime soon because the “Kiss Me More” rapper has more new ink in the form of a bat’s skeleton on her back. 

Doja posted a few pictures of the tattoo to Instagram on May 4 and used the bat emoji as her caption. The fine-line art was created by New York City-based tattoo artist Mr. K. The skeleton covers the upper half of her back. Mr. K added a dotted circle that surrounded the bat’s skull. He also drew a fine line that protrudes from the circle up towards her neck. 

Alongside photos of her ink, the rapper revealed the meaning behind these bones. The third photo featured a screenshot of bats’ significance to different cultures. She specifically highlighted the last passage, which reads, “Bats often represent death in the sense of letting go of the old and bringing the new. The rare symbols of transition, of initiation, and the state of a new beginning.”

The detail on this tattoo is amazing. “Dope,” “fire,” or any other positive word is truly the only way to describe this body art, but some people clearly disagree. Allegations about the Illuminati and demonic worship were all over the comments section, despite Doja Cat providing a brief explanation of what she wanted the bat to symbolize. One person commented, “Transition of New beginnings with Lucifer I guess.” Another read, “Her soul is gone forever.” 

And it really does not end. “Lmao she’s literally telling us she’s has been initiated,” another user wrote. Doja Cat ignored most of the comments but did reply to one which said, “Bruh just say that u in the iluminati or some we all now.” Ever the comedian, she responded, “know*.” 

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