Doja Cat goes well beyond pushing boundaries with her style and beauty choices. Last year, during Paris Fashion Week, the rapper surprised us with a creative, out-of-the-box look each day — remember when she stepped out covered in more than 30,000 red Swarovski crystals? We kept wanting more because we knew to expect the unexpected from her. And now that Fashion Week has started in New York, the “Kiss Me More” rapper is getting weird again. See: her latest look, featuring her bleached buzzcut, shimmery silver eye makeup, and contacts that look like an optical illusion (a kind of scary one, at that). 

Doja arrived at Victoria’s Secret The Tour ’23, a Fashion Week kickoff event, looking like she could be one of the extraterrestrials that are allegedly out and about on Earth. She was dressed in an all-black gown paired with her bleached buzz cut, which seems like a rather simple get-up until you peep her makeup and eyes. 

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Her brows were erased from her face, replaced with a light dusting of silver eye shadow. The metallic color was more intense on her lids, which had cool dark matte shadows in the creases and a shimmery silver shadow covering the majority of the lids. Her heavily lined eyes and subtle, smoked-out cat eye defined her eyes for a darker, sultry look. 

Though these shadows may be gorgeous, the moment you look at her eyes, you might be unsettled by her contacts. Most of her irises are black except for the white concentric circles near the pupil that almost make her eyes look like a never-ending maze. 

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