Way back on July 12, Doja Cat shared a picture of a manicure full of charms that got fans all riled up for a multitude of reasons. But just as the comment section on that post died down, she replaced the set with a new manicure. This one is just as chaotic as her July 12 nails; in fact, the new nails are just a shorter square-shaped version of the manicure. 

Cat shared an Instagram carousel with eight photos, which included a close-up of her with a nosebleed, on July 13. The clearest view of her short nails, which were sculpted by her go-to artist Saccia, is on the third slide. Saccia filed each clear tip into a square shape with sharp edges. These nails were on the shorter side for Doja, sticking out about a centimeter from her fingertip. 

Each nail was adorned with various charms. Saccia adhered several gems of various sizes, shapes, and colors onto each short square tip. She also added other decals, including a silver cross, a heart composed of baby blue pearls, and a star made of neon green pearls. Each clear tip had a different number of charms. For example, the index fingernail on one hand was adorned with the baby blue heart while the middle finger on the same hand had a silver cross plus four other gems in different shapes and colors. 

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