It’s hard to miss Doja Cat on any carpet, especially recently as her spin on beauty statements has taken a turn to marvelous extremes. And when it came time for her to walk the red carpet before the 2023 Grammy Awards on February 5, she gave us a taste of iridescent plum lipstick and a choppy pixie cut, a look that was on the safer side for the rapper.

But at some point before or during the ceremony, she quick-swapped the pixie for cascading blonde hair in a messy half-up style. Hairstylist Jared Henderson shared a behind-the-scenes video of how he crimped her front-facing sections with zigzagged motions using Allure Hall of Famer, the GHD Platinum + Styler Flat Iron.

Before that, however, Henderson first blow-dried Doja’s wet hair with the GHD Helios Professional Hair Dryer. In a press release shared with Allure, he says he then separated the hair into two sections, tied and scrunched up the top section into a messy bun, and straightened only the two strands hanging free in the front. 

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