Doja Cat has had the Internet up in arms lately. Allegations that she’s part of the Illuminati have swirled since she revealed four new tattoos, each a different critter à la bats and spiders. When folks haven’t been making assumptions about her tattoos, they’ve been fussing over the other ways she chooses to express herself. It doesn’t look like the naysayers will be leaving her comment section anytime soon, but that doesn’t matter to us because we’re too busy admiring the rapper’s latest look, which has fans comparing her to Sisqo, Jack Frost, and even a yassified Guy Fieri. 

Doja posted three photos, showing off her figure-hugging mesh dress, massive icy-blue shades, and peroxide-white hair. She has been blonde for a while now, but she got a fresh touchup at her roots from her go-to hairstylist, JStayReady. She first showed off her newly bleached hair on May 17 with a short video of herself applying makeup with her hair combed neatly downward and foward. 

In her latest post, however, her white hair stuck out in short spikes. JStayReady hasn’t given any details on how he styled this hair. It looks like he could have simply washed it with no major styling or that he used quite a bit of gel to mold each tuft. 

This hairstyle screams Y2K in every possible way, shape, and form, so it’s no wonder that I instantly thought of the fictional rock star Proto Zoa from Disney Channel’s Zenon film trilogy — for the unfamiliar, the artist had a spikey, bleach-tipped 2000s hairdo. I wasn’t the only one who saw the resemblance; a few fans noted it as well. In addition to the comparisons to Sisqo, Jack Frost, and a yassified Guy Fieri, some fans noted Blade Runner as another possible reference. 

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