Does Euphoria star Sydney Sweeney carry around one of those magical Beyoncé-style concert fans that blows her hair in slow motion wherever she goes? While there were no fans in sight during her latest appearance, her lush bombshell blowout certainly looks cinematic.

Sweeney was snapped outside the Today show in New York City on May 31 with her honey blonde hair worn in a classic full, bouncy blowout — a great choice for early morning TV if we’ve ever seen one. Her hair was blown out straight at the crown with just a touch of volume and parted in the center to show off her curtain bangs, then styled in loose waves down her back. Sure, it’s a simple blowout, but in every single snapshot of the star arriving at the studio, her hair is moving as though it was art directed by an Oscar-winning cinematographer, like one of those teen movie slow-motion scenes of the popular girl stalking down the hallway with her hair flowing behind her. It’s that good.

Sweeney paired the blowout with a preppy mint green jacket, pleated skirt and tie set, ankle socks and black pumps. Because she was likely up at the crack of dawn for her Today interview, the star kept her makeup simple with a slash of black eyeliner on both the upper and lower lashlines, a warm bronze eye and a perky peach-pink lip. Class president, reporting for duty!

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