We’re sure Hailey Bieber fans have been going wild all weekend over the selfies the model posted on April 22. Her glazed donut skin was practically radiating off the screen, but as gorgeous as it looked, we couldn’t keep our eyes off her subtle two-toned cat eye.

Bieber posted the selfies with a caption of just two emojis, a purple heart and a person with their hands over their head. She gave her best model pose with her head tilted to the side and her hand resting under her chin in the first photo. Her brunette hair was swept out of her face into a messy updo with a face-framing tendril on one side. 

A matte brown eye shadow was blended onto her lids, lines with probably one of the thinnest black cat eyes we have ever seen. A pastel purple liner was drawn above and parallel to the black eyeliner for a two-toned look. A pink shimmer gleamed in the inner corner of her eyes. 

As mentioned, her skin was luminous as always. Her cheekbones and the tip of her nose, in particular, were the glowiest parts of her makeup. Pink blush was buffed onto her cheekbones to give Bieber that flushed look. Her glossy lips were coated with a mauve hue that we’re sure was created with a mixture of a few lip products. She paired her radiant skin and pink makeup with her signature glazed donut manicure, which you can see throughout the carousel. 

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