When it comes to spilling the tea, no one does it better than DeuxMoi. The anonymous New Yorker behind the now-famous Instagram account — which has spawned a podcastbook, and upcoming HBO Max series — tracks everything about the rich and famous, dishing on their latest projects and revealing where they shop, what they eat, and who they date. (And yes, there has been speculation about DeuxMoi’s own identity, though nothing confirmed.) With her knowledge about Hollywood’s key players bordering on encyclopedic, it only makes sense that the real-life Gossip Girl also loves to try out the products they create — and then, obviously, share her unfiltered thoughts with the masses (aka her 1.7 million followers). Needless to say, there’s probably no one more qualified to review a batch of celebrity fragrances.

“If you’re a fan of a celebrity, there’s no better way to feel close to them — or to feel like them, if that’s what you desire — than to smell like them,” says DeuxMoi. Although she was shocked by just how many stars have their own scents today, celebrity fragrances are, of course, nothing new. Sophia Loren started the trend with Sophia in 1981, and Elizabeth Taylor launched her perfume empire with White Diamonds a decade later. But the category didn’t truly explode until the early aughts, when you could find Britney Spears’s Curious, Jennifer Lopez’s Glow, and Sarah Jessica Parker’s Lovely taking up coveted space on any preteen’s shelf. 

Today, DeuxMoi reports her followers are most interested in smelling like Rihanna. “I think it’s just a known thing at this point that she smells good,” says DeuxMoi. “People would constantly send in sightings of her, asking me what fragrance she wears.” (Scroll down for her speculations.) Another celeb with a reputation for smelling great? “At one point, everyone was dying to know what Alexander Skarsgård smelled like. He was the face of a Calvin Klein fragrance, and I had several women ask me to confirm if that’s what he was wearing so they could buy it for their husbands. But we never got to the bottom of it.”

While we wait patiently for Skarsgård to finally spill the details, we asked DeuxMoi to sniff out the latest from his contemporaries. “These were all pretty surprising,” she says of the assortment, which includes scents from Cher, Dolly Parton, Paris Hilton, and Ariana Grande. One thing that wasn’t surprising? Of the 10 fragrances she sampled, Rihanna’s Fenty perfume was a clear hit. “I would 100 percent wear it,” she says. Below, DeuxMoi’s reviews in full.

Love Rush by Paris Hilton

The juicy deets: Described as her “most intimate” fragrance yet, Hilton’s 29th (!) perfume comes in a bridal-inspired bottle and features notes of Italian bergamot, gardenia, sandalwood, and vanilla orchid. 

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