David Beckham is now a makeup artist — well kind of. The former professional athlete did a mini makeup tutorial seemingly using products from his wife’s line, Victoria Beckham Beauty, on May 20. The short clip featuring a shirtless David appeared on Victoria Beckham’s own TikTok page with the caption, “Mr Beckham’s very own #VictoriaBeckhamBeauty tutorial.” 

He began the video by saying, “So when I use a little bit of this with my wife, she tells me that this is the best lighting to do content,” while swiping a double-sided makeup brush on his undereye area. And Victoria is right: David’s face looked rather radiant in what is likely natural sunlight. “I tend to agree, but I don’t really know what I’m talking about,” he admitted. 

He continued to drape the makeup brush across his face. “Apparently, this is the best way to do it, according to Victoria Beckham Beauty,” he said. Now what exactly is “this” is unclear as David never mentions a specific product he is using — if he is even using any product. It seems more likely that David was simply having a little fun while supporting his wife. 

Folks in the comments noted that the video is likely a parody of Victoria’a previous tutorial demonstrating how to use her brand’s new Contour Stylus on the nose, cheeks, and eyes.

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David might not know exactly what he is doing, but we would love to see more candid tutorials like this from him. Perhaps the next video should feature David attempting to do Victoria’s makeup — that would be entertaining. 

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